The highly anticipated third novel of critically acclaimed author, Craig Silvey, begins on a quiet overpass where the reader is introduced to fourteen-year-old Sam Watson. At the other end of the bridge stands an old man, named Vic, who is smoking his last cigarette. Sam and Vic spot each other across the void and, in that moment, seal their fateful connection. 

Silvey soon reveals what led the two curious characters to the bridge that night and invites us along as their unlikely friendship blooms. Bonded by their own suffering, each privately promises to undertake the impossible task of saving the other. As he weaves his story from one chapter to the next, Silvey embraces a common thread: transition. He tells a tale of two lives forever changed by a single moment of chance and with his trademark luminosity and tenderness, he beautifully examines the big, meaty themes of friendship, hope, redemption, self-discovery and unconventional love. 

Honeybee is a heartbreaking, sometimes confronting, yet completely hopeful and life-affirming novel that grips the reader unapologetically. So, we believe it is the perfect book to have in your hands while you burn our Saint Jude fragrance. A book of love and hope can only be made more poignant when paired with a fragrance that feels like a warm embrace.

To join the Byrne & Love Book Club, simply purchase this month’s Book Club Bundle and enjoy the fusion of fiction and fragrance. We will be reading along with you.

Feel free and welcome to share your thoughts about the book and any nuggets of wisdom you discover within its pages. And, if any significant memories arise when you burn your candle or read Haig’s words, we invite you to share them, too. We mean it when we say that stories and scent are one and the same, and they might be our greatest loves of all.  

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