Just like you by Nick Hornby

Just Like You follows the life of Lucy, a forty-one-year-old nearly divorced schoolteacher with two school-aged sons. In another time, Lucy used to handle her adult life according to a script she had been handed, one she thought she should follow. She met a guy who was just like her – the same age, with the same background, and with the same hopes and goals. They did the things they were meant to do. They got married and started a family. Too bad he made her miserable. So, when Lucy meets her fellow protagonist, Joseph, she isn’t exactly looking for new love.

Now, Joseph is just twenty-two. He lives at home with his mother and works a few jobs including at the butcher shop where he and Lucy meet. It’s certainly not a match anyone would have predicted (or, indeed, chosen for the other). Joseph is of a different class, a different culture and a different generation. But, as the reader finds out, sometimes the person who can make you happiest is the one you least expect.

Hornby’s story is sharp, witty and keenly observed. His protagonists are only human and perfectly flawed, and ultimately, very relatable, which we just love. But it’s Lucy who really made us fall for this story. She is a muse in her own right, which is why we have paired this title with our Muse fragrance. It’s a bright and charming fragrance, much like Lucy herself, and rejoices in the complexity of women. It’s strong, yet feminine, a concoction of sweet, spicy and floral notes that rests on a bed of sensual musk. It’s a beautiful way to come back to yourself… much like reading a good book. 

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