Haig’s third novel introduces the reader to one solitary character, Nora Seed, who is in the midst of a deep despair. In the depths of her anguish, she comes across the Midnight Library. Each book within this library represents a version of her life as it could have been had she made different choices. The possibilities are infinite. In one book, there is a Nora who won an Olympic medal. In another, there is a Nora living aboard an Arctic research vessel. In some versions she is a mother, others a wife. Some influential, some not. All she has to do to step into the life promised within its pages, is open the book.

 Through this story, Haig presents to his reader his version of the ‘Many Worlds’ theory, a concept from quantum mechanics that posits an infinite number of potential universes. It suggests a limitless number of you, of me and, indeed, of life itself, and imagines that a new universe can bloom at any moment with every action and choice. So, with this in mind, we journey alongside Nora through her deepest lows and highest elations as she grapples with the question that plagues us all… what if?

 Rather than being bogged down in the theoretical detail, though, Haig concentrates instead on the beautifully flawed human psyche and the concepts that we all find difficult to grasp. He celebrates language and the immensity and infinitude of life. It is a challenging, yet light, read and gently considers life’s most difficult questions with grace and depth. So, we believe it is the perfect read while an open fire flickers at your side, when you can sit and indulge in language, vast ideas and a pensive frame of mind.

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Feel free and welcome to share your thoughts about the book and any nuggets of wisdom you discover within its pages. And, if any significant memories arise when you burn your candle or read Haig’s words, we invite you to share them, too. We mean it when we say that stories and scent are one and the same, and they might be our greatest loves of all.  

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