Book club

At Byrne & Love, we are dedicated to paying homage to four pillars of a life well lived: moments, memories, love and literature.

 We have a deep love of literature. It is the yardstick against which we measure our own tales of love and adventure. It constantly inspires us to live a little more fiercely and love a little more deeply. And, it is the reason behind our latest heartfelt offering, the Byrne & Love Book Club.

 For us, scent and stories are inseparable. So, each month we will pair one of our candles with its literary counterpart, a book that perfectly complements the candle’s own unique story. These are the beautiful novels for which we have fallen head over heels. We believe they simply must be read. And we believe they are made even more beautiful when connected with a fragrance. 

To join the Byrne & Love Book Club, simply purchase this month’s Book Club Bundle and indulge in the fusion of fiction and fragrance. We will be reading along with you.

Feel free and welcome to share your thoughts about the book and any nuggets of wisdom you discover within its pages. And, if any significant memories arise when you burn your candle, we invite you to share them, too. We mean it when we say that stories and scent are one and the same, and they might be our greatest loves of all.